Almondbank Library Should Not Be Closed in the Council Cuts

Vital community service is needed in Craigshill

The Almondbank Library is potentially threatened with closure under the savings by West Lothian Council, which needs to save £65m over the next five years.

Councillor Damian Timson, Councillor for East Livingston and East Calder, called upon the Council to ensure this Library remains open. He stated, "This Library provides a vital service to the people of Craigshill and is used by a vast number of people. But it is not just the numbers that use it, but how important it is to the community of Craigshill."

Councillor Timson added, "Many children use it for reference and homework, others use it as a meeting place, and it serves as a hub for the people of Craigshill. I appreciate West Lothian has had to make many cuts, and whilst none of them are wanted, they are necessary due to the underfunding of West Lothian Council by the Scottish SNP Government; however, I call upon West Lothian Council to announce soon that the Almondbank Library is to remain open. For the relatively small amount of funding that will be saved by closing the Library against the massively negative impact to the community of Craigshill that will result in, it is a very bad decision to close the library."