Desperate SNP 'running scared' after plea to Greens

MP Tommy Sheppard said the Greens would “have to choose” when it came to certain constituencies in a bid “not to split the pro-Yes vote”.

The Greens’ “co-convener” Maggie Chapman has already hinted at support for “non-Green candidates” in parts of the country, so long as they’re backing separation.

In 2015, 31 Green candidates stood in the General Election, losing the deposit in all but three seats.

The Scottish Conservatives have warned the party to “put up or shut up”, adding that its core voters wouldn’t forgive lying down to the SNP.

Scottish Conservative candidate for Aberdeen South Ross Thomson said:

“The Greens have to put up or shut up.

“They can’t pretend to be a proper party while sitting this election out and begging its voters to back someone else.

“That’s a shameful approach, and any genuine Green voter will be disgusted with it.

“It’s also very telling that the SNP has taken this step.

“It shows the party is rattled and running scared, and its MPs right across Scotland are terrified of losing their seats.

“So they should be. People are sick of the nationalists’ rabble-rousing on separation, and this latest intervention will just put more people off.”