Instrumental Music Services

Following weeks of uncertainty, it was agreed at the Education Executive meeting today that there would be a consultation with the parents and pupils who receive Instrumental Music Tuition on how the service will continue from the next school term.

The following four options will be offered in the consultation:

1.      The current proposal outlined in the officers' report to Education PDSP on 13 March 2018, which would see free brass, woodwind and piping tuition maintained.

2.     As per 1 above, but in addition to provide string tuition on a local extra-curricular basis but subject to a charge                                

3.     As per 1 above but retaining some level of string instruction by reducing brass instruction. 

4.    Charges to be introduced across all disciplines to fully meet the agreed saving of £493,000.

A spokesman for the West Lothian Conservative Councillors stated:

 “West Lothian Conservatives are delighted that eventually the Council is going to offer a consultation to those that receive Instrumental Music Tuition and their parents.”

“The proposal to cut strings and percussion tuition was resisted from the outset by the Conservative Group and whilst charging was never perfect, this was the only alternative that would ensure the continued provision of this vital service.”

“We welcome the consultation process but feel our proposal for more definitive questions on the consultation would have been the better option.  We appreciated the support from other elected members for our proposal and are concerned at the amount of options that are being offered, which may result in an unclear outcome ”

“However, we are pleased that there is still a chance for the continued provision of IMS within strings and percussion and we will continue to support this”. “We would like to take this opportunity to praise the parents and pupils who have campaigned so hard to save this vital service.”

“West Lothian Conservative Councillors strongly urge the potential opportunity of a charitable trust being established to deliver IMS as we believe that such a body would be best placed to achieve the long-term provision of Instrumental Music Tuition.”