Ruth: don't put politics before jobs

Speaking to voters and activists at a street-stall in her Edinburgh Central constituency, Ruth said it was clear from last night's Scottish leaders' debate that tax is a key issue in the Scottish Parliament election. 

The SNP has confirmed that it wants to make Scotland the highest taxed part of the United Kingdom, while the only response from Labour and the Liberal Democrats is to demand they tax them even more. 

But Ruth assured voters in Stockbridge this morning that she and her team will fight to protect the pay packets of hardworking families across Scotland.

She added that people living here shouldn't have to pay higher taxes than others living elsewhere in the country.

Scottish Conservative leader Ruth Davidson said:

"Last night's debate confirmed that the levels of tax we pay in Scotland will be a key issue in this election.

"However, it's also clear that Nicola Sturgeon is putting politics before jobs, by now threatening a fresh tax grab in Scotland.

"She succeeded only in adding more uncertainty - which isn't good for jobs and isn't good for Scotland.

"Our plan is clear: we do not believe people should pay higher taxes in Scotland than they would pay in the rest of the United Kingdom.

"With Labour and the Lib Dems demanding the SNP go even further on raising taxes, only a strong team of Scottish Conservatives can be trusted to drag the Scottish Parliament back to the centre-ground, and a tax plan that boosts jobs."