Ruth's New Year message

Below is a New Year message from Scottish Conservative leader Ruth Davidson:
“Every festive period, people look forward to a decent break, and time spent with loved ones.

“But to allow for that to happen, others are still at work.

“The emergency services who keep us safe

“The road gritters who stop accidents from happening in the first place and the train drivers and all night garage employees there to ensure we can get where we need to go. To them, thank you.

“2017 was another busy political year in Scotland with elections at local government and Westminster parliament level.

“The public have been patient with a politics of turmoil.

“But as we turn the page on the year that’s past – we look forward to what’s in store for us in 2018.

“While politics will continue, other events will take centre stage.

“Glasgow hosting the European Championships; Team Scotland competing at the Commonwealth Games on Australia’s Gold Coast and the officially designated year of young people.

“In 2018, I hope all of us will be inspired by the endeavour of our athletes, the warmth of our host city and the energy of the next generation. Scotland has a lot to look forward to.”