School safety improved by including building reports in school inspections

The Scottish Conservatives are calling for building reports to be made part of school inspections in order to ensure safety of children and staff.
The call comes as a new school campus in Dumfries remains closed until Thursday due to safety concerns and 12 schools in Glasgow are now undergoing safety checks after a window fell 20ft onto the playground below.
Dumfries and Galloway Council decided to shut the £28m North West Community campus after a child was struck by a smart board. This was the latest in a series of incidents at the new school.
Parents and children are now concerned for their safety, with parents reporting that children are scared to go back to school.
Despite previous demands by the Scottish Conservatives, the SNP has repeatedly refused to make schools submit building reports as part of school inspections.
Commenting, Liz Smith, Scottish Conservative shadow education secretary said:
“The safety of our school buildings is something that every child, parent and member of staff should be taking for granted.

“No child or teacher should be scared to go to school.

“The closure of the North West Community campus is causing huge disruption to children and their parents.

“The school safety checks due to be carried out by Glasgow City Council are simply a temporary solution.

 “The SNP must include building reports as part of school inspections to ensure the safety for all those on the school grounds.”