Scotland anything but open for business under the SNP

The First Minister is expected to tell conference delegates that she wants Scottish firms to start focusing on trade links with the rest of Europe, and will make a series of related announcements.

However, in response the Scottish Conservatives pointed out that the SNP has proved itself as an anti-business government, making Scotland the highest-taxed part of the UK.

And by seeking to tear Scotland out of the UK, as was again confirmed in Glasgow yesterday, Ms Sturgeon would jeopardise links with a market four times more important than the EU's.

The Scottish Conservatives have used the time since the Brexit vote to urge the SNP to do far more to promote Scottish businesses not just around Europe, but globally too.

Scottish Conservative chief whip John Lamont said:

“Scotland is anything but open for business under the SNP.

“It has made us the highest taxed part of the UK and embarked on a number of anti-business measures.

“Now it wants to rip us out of a union which is four times more valuable than the EU’s.

“Of course Scottish businesses should continue to look to Europe for trade.

“But for Nicola Sturgeon to suggest this will be some kind of remedy for putting the barriers up with the rest of the UK is irresponsible.

"The Scottish Conservatives have been calling all summer for the SNP government to do more to sell Scotland's great exports - not just in Europe but globally. 

"By linking up with the UK's own trade missions, we have an opportunity to sell our wares across the world.

"If that's what they're now coming round to, all well and good.

"But you don't show Scotland is open for business by threatening to pull us out of our own Union, and creating even more instability and uncertainty."