Ten Pin Bowling Evening

On the evening of 19 April, the West Lothian Conservatives put hard work aside for a few hours, donned their merrymaking hats and bowling shoes and indulged in both fun and games!

Councillors, volunteers, families and friends met at the Deer Park bowling alley and bonded over a few matches, a few more burgers and drinks. All abilities were welcome and the near professionals mixed with the complete novices in a relaxed atmosphere – which, nevertheless, did not make the competitive streak of some less evident! Strikes and gutterballs and everything in between, music, beer, chatting and laughs brought us closer together.

After two games each we vacated the alley and moved to the club bar, where the evening concluded with a drink and exaggerated after-match reviews.

The very successful event will be followed by others in the very near future. Watch this space for more information – and feel free to contact us with your ideas for more fun nights out.