West Lothian Conservatives Delivering for the People of West Lothian

Today at West Lothian Council full council meeting the Conservative Group put forward 6 motions that were to have a positive impact for the people of West Lothian.

Not all were successful as the Labour Group continued to put up amendments that were nothing more than political games to stop Conservative motions taking West Lothian Council forward.

A spokesman for West Lothian Conservative Councillor Group stated, “It is frustrating that whilst the Conservative Group brought forward numerous motions that would improve lives and improve how the Council operates, the Labour Group put forward amendments against every one of our motions just to play a political game.”

“This is in stark contrast to the Labour Group themselves who put forward just one motion, which we were happy to support as the Conservative Councillors are here for the residents of West Lothian and not to play political games”.

Councillor Chris Horne, who put forward 4 of the motions said, “Every idea that we brought forward was for the better of West Lothian Council and its residents. I am pleased my idea to give 100% rates relief to West Lothian Foodbank was adopted, but it didn’t need amendments from the other political groups, for the sake of political games.”

He added, “Along with my Conservative Councillor colleagues, I will continue to work for everyone in West Lothian and bring forward plans to improve how services are delivered by West Lothian Council and ideas that will benefit the communities across West Lothian."

Councillor Damian Timson, Conservative Group Leader, stated, “In the past week we have seen the Labour Group vote against keeping the primary pathways gritted before 8am and put forward an amendment against our motion today to ask the Health Secretary to fully fund the NHS in the Lothians and across Scotland. It is becoming obvious to all who is taking positive action for the residents of West Lothian and which group is bereft of ideas.”


A full list of the motions including the Conservative Groups can be found on the below link to the West Lothian Council website.