Peter Heggie


Push for better identification of Dyslexia

Councillor Heggie, Livingston South Ward, pushes for better identification of Dyslexia at West Lothian Primary Schools.

Following cross party support of Councillor Heggie’s motion at today’s full Council meeting, West Lothian Council Education department will have to identify further methods in recognising pupils with dyslexia.

Currently, only 1.5% of West Lothian primary school pupils are diagnosed with dyslexia, and this is against an estimated 10% of the population having some form of dyslexia.

Developing a safer environment for the pupils

Councillor Peter Heggie from Livingston South Ward has been working with the Bellsquarry primary school parent council and principal teacher to develop a safer environment for the pupils at drop off and pick up time.

Councillor Heggie and a group of parents working with the head teacher Ms McMaster have established a focus group to look at ways to raise awareness of inconsiderate parking and the potential danger it poses to pupils.

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